13th ESC Memorial Pavillion

Memorial unveil

One of the early goals of the 13th COSCOM Association was to create an enduring tribute to the fallen of the 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) and its preceding organizations. The memorial is located at Fort Hood Texas and honors the memory of the men and women who paid the ultimate price during the Global War on Terrorism. Based on designed developed by a team of former soldiers of the 13th ESC and 13th COSCOM, the memorial is located adjacent to BG Terence John Hildner field outside the 13th ESC headquarters on Fort Hood, Texas. The memorial consists of a monument, a wall of honor, a meditation area, and a brick walkway.


The Monument

MonumentThe monument honors individuals and units who served under the 13th ESC, in both peacetime and in war, since 9/11/01. It is an octagon-shaped obelisk topped with the insignia of the 13th ESC that overwatches the wall of honor, and contains the inscription “Remembering Those Who Have Sacrificed”.


The Wall of Honor

WallThe Wall of Honor pays tribute to those who have fallen in combat while serving in the 13th ESC during the War on Terror. The wall consists of eight evenly spaced black granite panels inlaid into native limestone, signifying the relationship between the 13th ESC and the state of Texas. Each panel contains the names and units of fallen service members who served with a unit assigned or attached to the 13th ESC in combat.

The Meditation Area

MeditationThe meditation area consists of a pair of black granite benches flanking the wall of honor and set into the foundation of the pavilion. Each bench is inscribed with the previous designations of the command during its service in the War on Terror: 13th COSCOM and 13th SC(E). The area is shaded by an oak tree that symbolizes the steadfastness of the command’s Soldiers.

The Brick Walkway

WalkwayThe brick walkway honors service members, their friends and family, and other friends of the 13th ESC who wish to leave a lasting legacy as part of the memorial.

The Association set aside over 1,000 spaces at the pavilion for the placement of personalized bricks. Though the memorial is complete, we intend to continue to sell bricks to finance the maintenance and upkeep of the memorial until all available spaces are filled.  Tribute bricks are not limited to individuals who served under the command during the War on Terror; they may be purchased by any Soldier, family member, Veteran, community member, or supporter of the 13th ESC and the US Army. You or your veteran need not have served in the 13th ESC and could have served in any branch of the Military. We will batch orders and place the bricks at the memorial during the annual 13th ESC Birthday Week celebration.

Brick Sizes and Pricing

There are two different brick sizes and costs:

  1. A 4 x 8 brick costs $50 and includes three lines of text with a maximum of 18 characters per line.
  2. An 8 x 8 brick costs $120. and includes six lines of text with a maximum of 18 characters per line.

To preserve your legacy, order a brick by clicking here. If you would prefer to order a brick offline, download the brick order form and mail it, along with your payment, to the address shown on the form